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Jan 6, 2010 6:00am EST
why they would endorse a bill offering huge kits to medicare. these private plans offer seniors an alternative to medicare that often includes extra medical coverage like dental and vision care. >> i recognize the gentleman from georgia. >> reporter: georgia republican phil gingrey thinks he knows why. >> seniors are back into medicare fee for service, the more opportunity aarp has to get royalties from the sale of the medi gap policies. >> reporter: he says those seniors force the out of medicare advantage would have to buy supplemental insurance, like medi gap. for insurers like the aarp and its partner, united health care, that means a much higher profit margin. >> they have to purchase a medi gap policy, and oh, guess what? aarp has 30% of that. >> you should know about this card. >> reporter: it's a fact not lost on its member. >> aarp is about insurance. people need to know that. aarp is not out there to help you, it's to take your money and put it in their pocket. >> reporter: the aarp insists this is not true. so your lobbyists haven't lobbied to leave untouched. edigap?
Jan 20, 2010 6:00am EST
taxes, it will hurt medicare, it will destroy jobs and run our nation deeper into debt. >> we'll always remember our terrific senator ted kennedy and his words, the work begins anew, the hope rises again, and the dream lives on. >> we're breaking down this improbable win for the gop and its likely impact on health care reform. we've got the best political team on television this morning. suzanne malveaux, live at the white house with reaction from democrats who no longer enjoy a filibuster proof, but we start with jim acosta. it's such an irony, ted kennedy's dying wish was to see america's health care system overhauled and the seat goes to a republican who has completely different ideas. >> reporter: that's right, john. and democrats may hope that what happened in massachusetts stays in massachusetts, but that is not going to be the case if a remember in scott brown can campaign across this state saying he will vote against health care reform in what is a very liberal state, obviously the signs for the democrats, not good, coming up in these midterm elections as this campaign goes on,
Jan 11, 2010 6:00am EST
' jewelry sold right here in the united states. we'll have more on what exactly is going on. medicare. it doesn't cover everything. >>> 20 minutes past the hour. we're minding your business right now, and there is a warning out for parents, some chinese manufacturers are now replacing lead in children's jewelry with another dangerous metal, cadmium. the associated press conducted lab tests on more than 100 items purchased in new york, in ohio, texas and california. they found levels of cadmium as high as 91%. it's linked to some cancers and also affects brain development in young children, even more so than lead. the consumer product safety commission now says it is opening an investigation and will take action, quote, as quickly as possible to protect the safety of children. >>> and stephanie elam here minding your business this morning. bonus season just about upon us, and some very happy people. >> i don't know about that. actually, i think a lot of workers are very unhappy, because -- >> the ones receiving the bone uses? >> because they're not as big as they were. this is an issue
Jan 21, 2010 6:00am EST
medicare which people like and people think has been a success, we found we were having success with that in the polls at exactly the moment it was jetisoned. there is a group out there and they're represented by the republicans here in washington who want no deal. who think everything is fine, having cost go up $1,000 every year is just fine. but if we put those folks aside and put the focus on people that really think we have a problem to solve, which is an overwhelming number of americans, we've walked away from things we were trying to do. >> lanny davis in an article he penned for "the wall street journal" yesterday blamed the left for the defeat. he said it's not a defeat for the mess an engineer, it's the message. he says will we stop listening to the purist base of our party who seem to prefer defeat to winning elections and no change at all if they don't get oughtle change they want. have democrats misread the mood of the country? >> i have to tell you something. if you look at what is in this final package that passed through the senate, none of the things that people
Jan 26, 2010 6:00am EST
medicare, medicaid, entitlement programs not necessarily being cut, and some democrats saying this goes too far. you'll have health care and education being cut. what this does do, however, is moves this president closer to the right, and that is what he needs to do. he needs to attract those fiscally-conservative democrats, independents and some republicans. the administration and this president admitted yesterday yesterday this is part of the reason health care reform wasn't passed. he didn't get partisan support. take a listen to what he said to diane sawyer. >> we had to make so many decisions quickly in a very difficult set of circumstances that after a while, we started worrying more about getting the policy right than getting the process right. >> reporter: and, john, that is what the course correction is all about this go-round. this president obviously in a state of the union is going to be appealing to middle class voters and also to republicans as well as democrats saying he wants bipartisan support. he's got serious proposals on the table that he hopes will garner both sides sup
Jan 4, 2010 6:00am EST
in the future. >> will they be going up? christine's got your business for you this morning. medicare. it doesn't cover everything. ♪ >>> 20 minutes after the hour, that means it's time for "minding your business." >> christine romans is here, and hopefully we'll start off 2010 on a positive note for business stories. yes or no, or am i dreaming? >> yes, we started off 2010 with ben bernanke on the front page of every american business newspaper this morning, he had what i'd like to call the super bowl of economics conferences in atlanta yesterday where he was defending the fed's rollover the past few years since the beginning of the decade, saying low interest rates was not the big cause of this housing bubble. something many critics in congress and some economists have said for some time, that ben bernanke and his friends at the fed kept interest rates way too low and that pumped money through the economy and that blew up the housing bubble. ben bernanke brought this slide himself at this conference yesterday, so if you missed it, this is what it is. this is what interest rates look like, t
Jan 14, 2010 6:00am EST
very much for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> it's 20 minutes past the hour. medicare. it doesn't cover everything. >>> it's coming up now on 23 minutes after the hour. our coverage of the rescue and relief efforts in haiti continue, but first time to mind your business. christine romans is here. the hearings object capitol hill provided a few fireworks. >> loyal blankfein got feisty with the chairman of this commission for the financial crisis, and he was actually asked point blank, it sounds to me you were selling people a car with faulty brakes and then taking insurance out on the driver. that's what it sounds like to the layman for what goldman sachs was doing in the runup to the crisis. but goldman's ceo saying no, we had very sophisticated clients, these are the products they wanted. he also said no one should say he wouldn't do things differently. >> anyone who says i wouldn't change a thing i think is crazy. knowing now what happened, whatever we did, whatever the standards of the time were, it didn't work out well. of course i'd go back and wished we had done whatever i
Jan 18, 2010 6:00am EST
'll take a quick break. when we come back, christine romans will be mining your business. medicare. it doesn't cover everything. >>> coming up in 21 minutes after the hour, time to mind your business. christine romans is here minding it for you. big delays with the home buyer tax credit. >> that's right. this is a very popular program. until maybe november 6 there hadn't been much trouble filing for this tax credit. but our folks last week at noticed there were huge delays and you couldn't file anymore for the tax credit. now that delay is over. can you file for the tax credit but expect a long time before you're going to get the money, and expect an awful lot of paperwork. no electronic filing from here on out for that home buyer tax credit. proof of resident dency, all kinds of mortgage documents, and expect two months to four months delays. why? don't blame the irs. this is because so many people were scamming the system. tens of thousands of people trying to claim this tax credit and they had no business doing so. in fact a bunch of little kids claimed this tax cre
Jan 22, 2010 6:00am EST
this thing to be protracted over the public option, then the medicare extension, then the deal with the labor movement, then the deal with senator nelson and we got ourselves into december, now january, and we lost it. we could have had a deal if we invited conservatives in the room and started with 10% or 20% incrementally and listened to thoughtful republicans, and limb pea owe limb olympia snowe is one of them. we did not do that and now it's too late. >> all of this as result of scott brown taking a seat held by kennedy for years, i would not want to be martha coakley. too much is being made of this win, is it that significant? >> it's very significant in this sense, it helps republicans go out recruit other people. when you say we can win in massachusetts, there's a voter revolt out there, then places like indiana, oregon that don't have those candidates, you're going to have eight or ten democratic seats in play in this race. six or seven, including harry reid, you could end up losing the majority lead are, you could lose the vice president seat, even end up losing the president's seat
Jan 25, 2010 6:00am EST
george w. bush understand with his prescription drug benefit under medicare. it was very unpopular when passed. people had all sorts of objections. said go back to the drawing board. he pushed it through, and today no one would dare push it, it's so popular. if you get the health care bill passed, instead of focusing on all of the scare stories that come from sarah and rush, who are the harry and louise of this year, by the way, instead of focusing on those scare stories people see the benefits and it becomes popular, as jobs get created the president will get credit for the recovery just as reagan did get credit in '84 and '83. >> should it be part of the state of the union address? >> it's not so much of what he talks about, it's how he talks about it. is he conciliatory? is he president of the whole country or shrink into the leader of the party? does he repeat the speech in elyria, ohio, which is not true to his nature, not true to his presidency. >> thank you both for being here. don't miss the state of the union address. we'll get analysis from the best political team on televisio
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10